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"The Hidden Treasure"

Historically in the 1800's, the town of Stony Creek was sustained by

a patchwork of mills, logging camps and a large tannery.

Many visitors were drawn to the area 's nearly 30,000 acres of  state forest preserve for outdoor activities, from hiking  and camping, to cross country skiing and ice fishing.

The Main Lodge sits on the site of the original logging camp which was built in 1875 by Thomas Wakley .

In 1890 it later became "The Lake House Hotel" a sportsmen's resort. 

The Lake House burned down in 1915 and was rebuilt in 1921 and renamed  "The Stony Creek Country Club" by its proprietor Jack Arehart.

Originally during the late 1800's, the Tavern existed for many years as the West Stony Creek Post office and  a general store. The Post Office eventually was discontinued on March 9, 1933.

In the early 1900's, a little white schoolhouse known as District 10, was located on our present day tennis court.

By the early 1900's, the hemlock trees were depleted so the logging camps shut down and the tannery was forced to close its doors.

The population of the town dwindled and the future of Stony Creek seemed uncertain, but locals struck gold and found a new way to capitalize on post war mobility.

Local entrepreneurs converted the abandoned logging camps into

dude ranches which brought a sense of the Wild West to the edge of

the Adirondack wilderness.

In 1935, Earl Woodward founded the famous

" Stony Creek Dude Ranch."

For many years, the dude ranch was in operation, holding cattle drives, roundups, roping, and horseback riding. It was the home of many cowboys who came from all over the states, but predominantly Montana.

 They were the wranglers of the ranch and they spent much of their time with the horses in our  circa 1889 barn.

There are many stories passed on from the wranglers who worked the ranch in 1935 as well as ancestors of the townspeople living here today. 

Famous NYC gangster Dutch Schultz  $50 million dollar treasure may be buried  here on our property !  Researchers believe he stayed here while hiding out at the edge of wilderness from  the FBI in 1935.

The Keefer Brothers, star's of  Travel Channels "Code of the Wild"  series, filmed an episode here at our lodge in search of the long sought after buried treasure!

Our present day Tavern was a popular dance hall for the cowboys and the townspeople to gather. It was known as  The Reck Hall and it held their nightly square dances.

 After many years in operation, the dude ranch would eventually close.

In the mid 1980's a  brand new hotel was built, which is our existing Main Lodge.

At that time, the tennis court and the in ground pool were built as well.

It was named "Harrisburg Lake Club and Resort."

After 20 years running, it would eventually close in 2005.

It was renovated and reborn as "The Lodge at Harrisburg Lake," in 2014.

It's new Creators and partners Stuart Strzelczyk  and Denise Lynne renovated and redesigned the Lodge, Tavern and Barn  into the enchanting Resort it is today.

The history will always live on... along with the memories and stories of yesteryear and the vibrant spirit of the Old Wild West!


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